Remember when I said, "Driving my coworker insane at work has kind of become my second job"... well the retaliation has begun.

That's Jen Jacobs from "The Get Up And Go Show" on our sister station MIX 94.9 and Jen takes no prisoners.

Jen and I sit right next to each other in the "Jock Pit" and yeah, we have a back and forth relationship of picking on people... but every once in a while we go after each other.

Today, I decided to hide Jen's chair and a bag she had next to her desk... her revenge, stacking ALL my work and my chair on my desk. A couple simple pranks pulled, but when I turned the corner and saw everything stacked up, I just stopped for a second then heard Jen laugh. Needless to say, that gave away she had gotten her revenge for the day.

Well played, Jen, well played.