How many times have you been at a restaurant only to have your experienced ruined by   unruly children?  Or maybe you've brought your own kids out and for whatever reason you can't keep them under control.

A woman in Washington State posted on Reddit about the restaurant her family had been at.  They got a 4 dollar discount for "well-behaved kids".  This raises a lot of questions.  Should a restaurant be able to judge how well-behaved your kids are?  On the other hand, is this a good way to attract people to your restaurant if they know the children might be more under control?

I don't want to sound like a "back in my day" grumpy old man but I have had the occasional dining experience ruined by parents who can't control their kids.  I do blame the parents because kids are kids, if you let them run wild they will.   There used to be some shame about your kids acting up but that seems to be gone now.  In fact, it's almost uncomfortable to see a parent scold their child nowadays, and it shouldn't be.  You don't need to make a scene, but you do need to have some sort of punishment for bad behavior.

Personally, I don't mind what the restaurant is doing, it may lead to legal trouble for them eventually but I think the idea was noble.  If you don't start controlling your kids society has it's ways of punishing you.