Our adoption/rescue story this week comes from Amber who gave Elliott and Oscar the most wonderful forever home!  Amber tells us that Oscar got his name because he was grouchy all the way home :)  This is Oscar pictured below looking much less grouchy now.

A friend of mine, my daughter and I were headed to my parents for Memorial Weekend a year and a half ago when I saw a sign for free kittens.  At first I drove by but something told me to just turn around and take a peek.  I wouldn't keep one but thought it wouldn't hurt just to see what they look like.








So I turned around and drove up the long driveway.  As we stepped out of the Jeep I saw one of the cutest little gray and white kittens sleeping inside a big dog cage.  Then a young gal walked into the garage with the fluffiest kitten I have ever seen! The family told us these were the last two left...I couldn't break up two brothers and now I can't imagine what life would be like without them!

If you have rescued, adopted or foster an animal, please send a picture and share your story with us!

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