I've never been a smoker, but I do remember chewing on a few candy cigarettes as a kid! Eating candy cigarettes did not encourage me to pick up the real thing later in life, but some people think that's exactly what will happen if we continue to allow kids to purchase candy cigarettes.

According to Yahoo.com, Owners of an old-school soda shop in St. Paul are being warned to kick the habit and stop stocking novelty candy cigarettes.

City inspectors threatened a misdemeanor citation and $500 fine if Lynden's soda fountain is caught selling the fake smokes again. The Star Tribune reported that the offering violated an ordinance barring the sale of candy smokes and cartoon character lighters.

 The ordinance was enacted to discourage youngsters from picking up a real smoking habit.

Shop owner Tobi Lynden says the white candy sticks with the red tips were her best-selling candy item but she pulled them to avoid running afoul of the ordinance.