Does flying make you nervous? There might be a new solution for you. Especially if you're flying out of LAX anytime soon.Therapy dogs will be spreading the love at boarding gates, baggage claim and ticketing areas at Los Angeles International Airport to put fliers at ease with a cuddle and wag of the tail. It's part of a new program called PUPs, Pets Unstressing Passengers.

Studies have shown that being around a dog can bring our blood pressure down, calm nerves and make us happier in general. So why not hang out with a pooch just before getting on a plane? I would LOVE it. I do get a little nervous taking off in a plane, and if I had the chance to snuggle with a cute pup just before take off, I'm pretty sure it would help. Now they need to have flights where dogs are allowed to wander the aisles of the plane to keep us calm all the way to our destination!