Ten years ago today, on Aug. 7, 2004, Reba McEntire soared to the top of the charts with the song 'Somebody,' from her platinum-selling 'Room to Breathe' album.

Written by Dave Berg and Sam and Annie Tate, the song was first recorded by Mark Wills, who included it on his 'Loving Every Minute' album. But it was McEntire's version that was released as a single, becoming her 22nd No. 1 hit.

The song's powerful message helped it quickly become a fan favorite. With lines like "Now they laugh about the moment that it happened / A moment they'd both missed until that day / When he saw his future in her eyes / Instead of just another friendly face / And he wonders why he searched so long / When she was always there at that diner waiting on," the inspirational tune was a collaborative effort that was written rather quickly.

"I was walking around with most of that chorus…not exactly sure what it was or what to do with it," Berg tells NSAI. "And then one day my co-writers, Sam and Annie Tate, put the hook on it. Their great story-telling abilities helped to finish it."

The popularity of the song was propelled by the video, which featured McEntire in a diner as the story unfolds. Watch the video here.

McEntire included 'Somebody' on her 2005 'Reba Number 1's' and the 2008 '50 Greatest Hits' album. Download the single here.