Reba gets to explore where her heritage came from with the help of NBC's Who Do You Think You Are - the show that takes celebrities we love and takes them on the journey of filling in their family tree.

I have been glued to this show over the last two seasons and look forward to season three as there are a lot of my favorite celebrities on this season including Reba and Paula Deen.

In the trailer for this season you can see Reba on a boat and asking why that little boy was on this boat. I'm thinking one of the men in her family tree came to America as just a little boy - but that's just my guess.

This show has inspired me to start filling in my own family tree. I just started and have gone back to my great-great grandparents, but hope to fill more in as I go. If I find something really cool, I'll share it with you.

Have you traced your family tree and found something interesting about your relatives that you didn't know?