We all have that neighbor, you know the strange one who just glares at you when you drive past.

You think they dislike you and most likely they do.  By default, you probably don't like them either.  The Daily Mail came out with a list of the top ten reasons why, which include incessant swearing, a messy lawn, fighting and loud parties.  Those are all valid reasons for disliking your neighbors.

Now this list has me thinking about why I dislike some of my own neighbors.  I live on a dead end street with five houses, three on one side and two on the other.  I have one set of neighbors that have kids.  Those kids are friendly enough but they leave their skateboards in the middle of the road.  Seriously????

These parents need to teach their kids a little about biking and/or walking on the road too, because they tend to cross the road in front of oncoming vehicles.  These are the same kids who started a fire in the pasture that separates them from another property and the fire department had to be called because it got just a little out of control.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much but my goodness some people need to be a bit more considerate of the people that live near them.