My wife Silke loves to re-purpose old stuff and make it into something unique and usable.  We used to live at my grandfather's old farm and she had her eye on a grain bin door. She thought it would make an awesome coffee table, so we finally brought it here and started the project.  This is what it looked like in the beginning as she applies a coat of stain.  We had already sanded it down to get a few loose pieces off it.

Then we bought some heavy duty wheels from Fleet Farm.  Next to the glass it was the biggest expense on the project.   She wanted a real industrial look to go along with the old wood, we painted them all a metallic black.

We had to cut a few new boards to hold the steel plate into place and give some support to the legs we were going to add.

I had the job of putting all that into place before we put on the legs and stabilized  it.  We used wood screws, and drilled a small hole first so we didn't crack the wood.



See the next step as Silke and I put some finishing touches on the table.