Well, here's the finished project as my wife Silke transformed an old grain bin door into a cool coffee table.We bought a piece of customized glass for the top to protect the wood from any spills and to also protect her display in the cut out of the door.

We took some old letters and documents from my grandfather and placed them in the little cut out area under the glass.  This can be changed to reflect the seasons or for just a change of scenery once in awhile.

Here's another view  as you come into the living room. She has tied all the colors together and uses a combination of old and new for a unique look.

Our view when we're sitting at the couch.  You can see an old license plate by the plant.  It still had the light and part of the wood from the truck it was on.  My wife Silke found that in the dump and thought it was awesome, she cleaned it up and now it make a really cool decoration.