My wife Silke had a "vision" of making an old grain door into a cool coffee table.For the "legs" we found an old 2x8 that had been sitting out in the elements, so after stainingit the same color as the top you can't even tell it was from 2 different pieces of wood.  For the bottom we used the same 2x8.

Then we put the wheels on. Using the larger wheels was worth the extra money, it moves around so easily now and it looks awesome. If we used smaller ones you wouldn't really notice them as much, we put the wheels in a little bit so when they turned they were flush with the edges.

Silke is putting the finishing touches on the top and the door back in.  One the next page you'll understand more about what we did with the cut out space.

We're getting pretty close to finishing now, you can see how it goes with the decor of the room.  She also made the flag in the background out of an old picture frame and burlap, she hand painted the flag for an "unfinished" look.  The shelf above the couch is also a re-purposed project, it's an old beam of some sort, maybe from a barn.  She finished it and it's now a shelf on our wall.

So, what's the finished product with glass and decorations look like?  Find out on the next page.