The title track for Randy Houser's new album is also his first single released off of it and it's doing well. Though having hit singles isn't a new thing for Houser - 'Whistlin' Dixie', 'Boots On', and 'Anything Goes' all did well for the singer-songwriter. Now he is set to release his third studio album and he's given the inside scoop on what you'll hear and when you can get your hands on it.

'How Country Feels' will feature 15 tracks, 7 of which he wrote, the first single, of the same name, is the fastest rising single to date for Houser. The new album will hit store shelves January 22 2013, so mark your calendars!

Here is the track list for 'How Country Feels':

1. ‘Runnin’ Outta Moonlight’
2. ‘Growin’ Younger’
3. ‘Top of the World’
4. ‘The Singer’
5. ‘Power of a Song’
6. ‘Absolutely Nothing’
7. ‘Wherever Love Goes’ (with Kristy Lee Cook)
8. ‘Like a Cowboy’
9. ‘How Country Feels’
10. ‘Along for the Ride’
11. ‘Sunshine on the Line’
12. ‘Goodnight Kiss’
13. ‘Let’s Not Let It’
14. ‘Shine’
15. ‘Route 3 Box 250 D’
What do you think of Randy's latest single? Are you excited for the new album?