Remember the 80's? I did love the 80's. I was curious to see just how much, so I got sucked into a quiz. 

Big hair, cassette tapes, slouch socks with leggings, Trans Ams, Miami Vice, watching MTV all day when they used to play videos. Remember that? Sigh. I did like the 80's.

I grew up in the 80's and was convinced I would marry Ralph Macchio. I worshiped Punky Brewster, and really looked up to Jennifer Keaton on Family Ties. I watched Saturday morning cartoons on the regular, and dragged my Care Bears around everywhere I went. I was an 80's kid, so when I saw this quiz titled "How 80's Are You?" I couldn't resist!

Turns out, I am 85% 80's:

You *knew* you'd score this high, didn't you? Yes, it's true: You're totally lost in the '80s. If only they made time machines... where is Doc when you need him?

How 80's Are You? Take the quiz and find out.

If you really miss the 80's, you can reminisce with VH1 by clicking HERE.