Father's Day is all about dad and while most of us spend time in the backyard grilling and "letting dad do what he loves", others enjoy taking dad out for a meal or maybe even ice cream. Picture it... you are in an ice cream store getting your oreo ice cream with gummy bears and in walks the President of the United States.It actually happened on Sunday when the First Family ventured out for a quick afternoon treat and one guy caught the whole thing on his camera phone.

Now think about this for a second. If the President walked into an ice cream store you were standing in, would you make him wait in line behind you or give up your spot to let him and the family get their order in?

Personally I would like to think that I would step aside and let our Commander in Chief jump in line. But then the mean side of me kicks in and that little voice in the back of my head says "wait a minute chump, he may be the President, but he gets in his pants the same as you. You were here first, he can wait."

Then my mind jumps to "what if I were President, would I jump line or stand there like any other customer?" I think I would stand there like any other customer - or better yet, go through the drive-thru!

Check out the video and notice that the Obama's are just like any other family out there. They get to the front of the line and have no clue what they want! HAHA How many times has THAT happened to you?

I remember working at Dairy Queen and would almost dread the family of five walking in the door because I knew they would have no clue what they would want. No matter how long the line was and no matter how long they stood in front of the counter before they got to the register, they still would take at least five minutes to decide. Honestly, that drove me crazy then and still drives me crazy to this day! Mr. President, before jumping in line next time, please figure out what everyone wants first!