Tonight's Powerball drawing is worth an estimated $450-million. First question, do you have a ticket? Then second question -- what are three things you'd do with $450-million? Sure you'd pay your bills off, and probably quit you job -- but what about the really fun stuff? Here's what we've been hearing today on Minnesota's Morning Show.

We'll go first:

  • Pete: Buy a boat. Buy a new truck. Learn to fly.
  • Cindy: Travel the world. Buy a big house on a lake. Buy Vikings & Eagles season tickets.
  • Jim: Buy a new truck. Travel to Europe. Buy a condo in Nashville so I can fly down and catch live music whenever I want.
  • Katie: Buy an airplane. Build & fill big closet. Clone myself. (???)

Now for the rest of you hooligans:

  • Rhonda: Buy a Lamborghini, a yacht, and a big diamond.
  • Judy: Take a cruise, go to Belize, and buy some lake property.
  • Larry: Buy a boat, a truck, and a gun that shoot silver bullets.
  • Amie: Have the HGTV tree-house guy build me a cool tree-house. Buy a jet. Hire a pilot.
  • Dave: Buy 100 acres of land, make sure his boss is well taken care of, and take a nice trip.
  • Tony:  Buy Vikings, Wild, and Twins season tickets.