Two police officers in San Diego are being recognized for helping out an army veteran who was stranded when his motorized scooter broke down. 

The phrase "To Protect and Serve" is usually emblazoned on the side of police cars because that's what officers are sworn to do. Protect their communities and to serve the people of those communities; even if it literally means going the extra mile.

Officers Milo Shields and Eric Cooper with the San Diego Police Department noticed a man in an electric scooter was apparently stranded after his scooter broke down in the middle of the sidewalk. The man on the scooter, 67 year old Gilbert LacRoque depends on the scooter to get around as he was wounded in the army while fighting in Viet Nam. Still a mile from his home, he didn't know what to do when the officers offered to push him home.

As the daughter of a police officer, I can tell you that these are the kinds of stories that you almost never hear about, but happen more often than you think.