We've all seen the Pine-Sol lady pop up in commercials and proclaim "That's the power of Pine-Sol baby!" Now she shows up in the most unusual place!

There's one smell that instantly takes me back to my childhood - Pine-Sol. My mom used that stuff religiously and now, so do I. There's just something about that smell that makes me feel like the whole house has been thoroughly cleaned.

The Pine-Sol lady has been telling people about the cleaning power of this product for a few years now, but no one ever thought she would be a prankster!

Recently Pine-Sol did some tests with real people. They had them come in to use the product in various ways to clean the house from the kitchen, to the bath to windows and more. What these willing participants didn't count on is a heart attack.

During the "test" the lovely Pine-Sol Lady jumps out of nowhere and screams "That's the power of Pine-Sol baby" and scares the bejesus out of these people.

I guess you could say that's the "Pranking Power of Pine-Sol - Baby!"