The pilot flying this plane is the pilot of the year as far as I'm concerned. 

The pilot of a Frontier Airlines flight from Washington DC to Denver was forced to land in Cheyenne, Wyoming because of some bad storms. Since the plane was delayed, the pilot decided it was a good time for a pizza party.

The pilot called a local Domino's Pizza and ordered 38 pies to feed the 160 stranded passengers. The plane was on the ground for nearly two hours. That's a good party!

When contacted, Frontier Airlines spokesperson Tyri Squyres says she wasn't surprised at all to hear about it. “This is not unusual for our pilots to go above and beyond to care for our customers,” she said. “We have some great pilots who work here.”

The flight did finally make it to Denver about five hours late, but no one was mad.

I was delayed on the tarmac once and one of the flight crew said, "Well, since we're all stuck, let's have a drink. No one can be upset when there's free booze." Amen, sister.