Patient? Not always. A patient? Probably more times than he cares to remember! I'm talking about my morning show partner, Pete. He's a 13 year cancer survivor. And even though he beat cancer years ago, he has to deal with the residual effects still today.

This picture is from last night. Just another in a regular schedule of surgery, blood work, doctors appointments, etc.

Pete rarely talks about what he goes through, but when I picked him up at the surgery center last night (they wouldn't let him drive home) I realized how much this has become a regular part of his life. It's his reality. And in the time that I've known him, he's never complained. According to him, "it is what it is."

Working with someone so positive can be exhausting! Always smiling, joking, being nice to people.

Seriously though, finding a morning-show partner who makes someone look forward to coming to work every day is rare. And after too many years in radio to mention, finding Pete was like a breath of fresh air.

So--since he won't toot his own horn-ever, I decided that was my job today.