ST. CLOUD -- With American, Somali, Scandinavian, German, and Mexican culture all in one place, it's important to celebrate the unique heritage we all bring to St. Cloud.

Jane Oxton is the Education & Outreach Director for Paramount Center for the Arts. She says the goal is to show that we're all a lot alike.

"There'll be a collaborative art from Scandinavia and Germany, Mexico, Somalia... and pottery - 120 pieces - that our clay cohort has made to celebrate the fact that while sometimes we seem different from each other, deep down we've really got a lot in common."

Oxton says that you're encouraged to wear any traditional clothing from your culture's history, be it Scandanavian, German, African or any other. Food from New York, Germany, Scandanavia, Somalia and other regions will be sampled.

Performers will be dressed in cultural clothing, and music from all over the world will be featured. The event runs Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

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