Meet Bill and Barb Williamson of Merrifield, Minnesota.  They are our Veterans of the Month in March! Their daughter Erin nominated them and we just had to honor both of them because they're married!

Bill and Barb are both veterans of the US Army. They served in the Vietnam era and met in the Army and served in Germany before leaving the military.

Bill went on to become an Oregon State Trooper for 25 years. After 9/11, he decided to help any way he could. He and Barb decided that he should go to Iraq and run a military police school so they could get police trained so our own military could come home.

Bill spent 2005-2006 in Iraq while Barb kept things going at home. Both are very proud to be veterans and have a great love for our country. Erin and her sister Kara are very proud of both of them.

We are proud of them, too. Bill and Barb, thank you for your service! And be on the lookout for a special gift from 98 Country and our Veteran of the Month sponsors!

If you have a special Veteran in your life, nominate them to become our Veteran of the Month by filling out the form below.



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