Today was the first lunch at Famous Dave's in Waite Park and I have to say that it was incredible.Our winner was 17 year old Joel from St. Cloud. I wondered why he wasn't in school during the day. It turns out, he goes to school at home the the Minnesota Virtual High School. Schooling at home isn't a new concept for me as I was home schooled my senior year.

Joel brought along his dad who served our country in Iraq. Tom was injured there and returned state side to have surgery on his foot. Tom invited a couple of recruiters from the St. Cloud Armory to join us for lunch.

I have to say that it was great to meet Joel and have lunch with a great fan of 98 Country. I was completely honored to have been able to eat lunch with members of our Armed Forces and especially one of our wounded soldiers. To hear their stories and share a few laughs was definitely the highlight of my week. Thanks to Joel, Tom and my new recruiter friends for a great lunch!

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