The bathroom remodel finally has taken one step. "Potty Smurf" is GONE.

When Brittany and I bought our home, the oddest features in the house came in BOTH bathrooms. Our upstairs bathroom has a blue tub and toilet... no joke. The downstairs bathroom has a yellow toilet and yellow stand up only shower. I know what you're thinking... WHAT? YELLOW AND BLUE? WHAT?

It's true though. Ugly, right?

The blue bathroom upstairs is used the most, as we have barely touched the basement yet, but we finally got ride of "Potty Smurf". I call the blue toilet "Potty Smurf" because we replaced the broken blue toilet seat as soon as we moved in, so the toilet had a blue body with a white lid... a smurf.

I finally found some time last night to take the old blue toilet out and put in a new, boring, white toilet that doesn't take four minutes and 26-seconds to fill. Nope, the new fills in 23-seconds and uses WAY less water.

This only the beginning of the bathroom transformation. New sink, counter top and flooring isn't far out. I want to replace the blue bathtub too, but that's not cheap, so maybe I can paint it?

The process of taking out "Potty Smurf" and the new toilet was pretty easy and that's coming from a guy who owns a handful of tools. Being a plumber would be a horrible decision on part.

Matt Fallon

Potty Smurf

Brittany Helgeson

Scrapping the nasty old wax ring off and prepping for the new toilet

Brittany Helgeson

Finally a normal toilet that doesn't run my water bill through the roof... it even works, with no leaks.