This story and video is so touching and I will admit, it did make me tear up.  It really gives you a whole new appreciation for the sacrifices our military service men and women make.

This story first appeared on Yahoo! Travel, where a passenger had merely told the story of his trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles.  It started out as an ordinary flight where the flight attendant thanked all of the soldiers on board for their service.

According to the article, about 45 minutes before the plane was set to land the captain took over the PA and informed passengers that they were transporting a fallen soldier. I get goosebumps just thinking about this.  No doubt this is so sad but at the same time it's an honor.

The pilot explained what the procedure would be and asked that everyone remain in their seats until the deceased soldier was taken off the plane.  He also informed the passengers that the fire department would be present and there would be a water cannon salute.  I encourage you to read the full article because the author describes the event so well and with such detail, it's almost like you're there too.

Grab a tissue and check out the moving video footage from the plane and airstrip.

I don't know who this soldier is, but it doesn't matter.  The sacrifice that he or she made is something I will be forever grateful for.  In reality, I probably wouldn't be writing this story if it weren't for that soldier and all the others that have sacrificed so much to allow us our freedoms.  Thank you!

Thank you to the person who wrote the original article and posted the video.  As a country we need to be reminded of the things that are important and why we have the freedoms we have.  Your work did just that.