Opie's Angels has granted several wishes so far and there's plenty more wishes to come this year.

Our latest wish makes us think about what we would do if we were in that situation.

Dear Opie's Angels,

My family would like to nominate Scott and his family. They have had the misfortune of losing their house to a fire. This family has help their head high and recognized that they will get over any obstacle in their way.

They have been staying at a hotel while their new house is being built. This hotel is a long distance from their home but they have continued to commute to their jobs, bring their 3 kids to school plus activities and going to the construction site daily to help with every step of the build.

Since we know you can't grant them extra sleep and rest, we ask that you give them a little something to ease the burden of being temporarily dislocated from their home and community.

Thank you Opie and Merry Christmas,



Dear Vicky,

Losing your home to a fire is something all of us never want to think about, but this story certainly has a silver lining - all of them are safe. Thank you for noticing that they are burdened during the holidays and reaching out to us for help for them.

We would love to help Scott and his family out. Since they are living in a hotel and commuting back and forth, we are sure they could use $100 in gas to help with that expense. Living in close quarters at a hotel can be trying for any family for a just a few days on vacation, we can only imagine what it is like to be in those conditions for months. We think they would enjoy getting out of the hotel and having some family fun so we are giving them $100 to Space Aliens so the kids can enjoy some time in the arcade. Plus, we are going to toss in $100 to Perkins so they can enjoy a few family meals outside of the hotel.

Scott, the rebuild is almost finished and you'll have your family back home in no time.

Merry Christmas,

Opie's Angels