Opie's Angels Tree is excited to be able to help people who could use a little a "brightening up" this Christmas season. Opie's Angels starts the 2013 Christmas Season granting a wish to Lori, who nominated her daughter, Amanda and her son-in-law, Jered.

Amanda has a rare genetic connective tissue disorder and Amanda's husband, Jered has been there every step of the way for his wife.

This is Lori's letter to Opies's Angel Tree.

"I am nominating my daughter and son-in-law... Amanda is 25 and an amazingly positive person who brightens everyone's day. You would rarely see that she struggles daily with pain and other issues due to a genetic connective tissue disorder, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. In the past 2-years she has had major reconstruction surgery on her knee, both shoulders, and recently her hip. Her other hip will need to be done soon. She has been unable to work a full time job because of this and right now is pretty dependent on others for almost everything. Her husband is a God send who supports her every need. They are struggling with ongoing medical expenses and need a little hope and sunshine! They are the kind of people who would help anyone with any need. Thank you for this opportunity!"

Listen below to Opie's Angels granting a very deserving wish.