Opie's Angels continues to help people in our area get through the struggle of the holidays. Some of the letters we have received are heart breaking and it makes you realize that this program is truly putting smiles on people's faces.

This letter came to us from a 15 year old who wants to nominate his mom.

Dear Opie's Angels,

My name is Collin. I'm 15 years old and I would like to nominate my mom Tina. My mom has been through a lot. My father died in August of this year leaving my mom, my 3 brothers and me. Three days after my dad's funeral my mom was laid off from her job. She had to deal with a lot since my dad has been gone.

My mom is a strong woman, but sometimes I hear her crying at night and it makes me sad because I know she is hurting bad too. My mom always put my brothers and me first and has always went out of her way for us and she is continuing that.

I know she wants Christmas to be special for us with it being our first without dad. I just want my mom to have a special Christmas too. She is the best mom ever and she is trying her best to hold us all together and sometimes its a struggle, but she does it. Taking care of us boys can't be easy. I love her so much for the mom she is and she is the best Christmas gift anyone could have. I just want my mom to have a special Christmas.

Thank you,



Dear Collin,

We are so sorry to hear about your dad. It is never easy to lose a loved one and those first few years are the hardest - especially during the holidays. The most important thing to remember is to remember your father. Remember him for the man you love and make him proud of you. I know he is looking down on your right now and is proud of you for asking for help for your mom.

We agree with you that raising four boys is tough, but to do it alone makes it even harder. One thing we ask of you Collin is to help your mom. Try to make things as easy for her as possible. You are the oldest and this is a big responsibility, but you have to be the role model for your brothers. They are looking up to you now and you have to lead by example. Respect your mother, don't make her life hard and if your brothers get out of line, gently try to guide them back onto the right path without too much drama. Not having to worry about the choices you make and whether or not you are going to stay on the right path will relieve a lot of tension from your mom - especially if she knows you have her back when it comes to your brothers.

Tina, you are a great mom and it sounds like you have some really special boys that love you very much. Obviously you are doing something right. To get a 15 year old to just say something nice about his parents these days is a task, but for him to step up, say those nice things while asking for help shows us that you are raising him right. You keep that up and be proud of your boys.

Tina, we aren't able to help you or your boys with your grieving process, but we would like to offer some things that might make it a little easier for your family this Christmas. First, we would like to give you $150 worth of groceries so you can share a nice Christmas dinner with your boys. We would also like to give you a $350 gift card so you can buy something nice for yourself and have some money to get your boys a present too.

Tina, stay strong for your boys. They need you now more than ever. Always remember, there is help out there - you just have to ask for it. You've got some great kids and we know they are going to make you very proud.

Take care Tina and God Bless you and your family. Merry Christmas,

Opie's Angels