We have received hundreds of requests for help this year with the Opie's Angels program. We have helped several people this year officially through the program as well as unofficially outside the program - mostly because our hearts broke when we heard the story. Thank you for nominating and thank you for following along as we have tried to bring a little Christmas cheer to those that otherwise may not have had any this year.

Our last Angel this year is a young man who had an accident in November and has been unable to provide for his family since.


Dear Opie's Angels,

Nick is a coworker of mine and just a sweetheart of a guy. He was seriously injured in a car accident around a month ago. He is not able to return to work at this time because of his injuries. He has a wife and a beautiful little girl named Abby who is three years old. Nick is the only provider for his family as his wife is a stay at home mom. Now with Nick not working, they have no income to pay the rent and bills much less anything else. Having a happy Christmas will be very difficult this year. Can you do something to help?

Thanks and Merry Christmas,



Dear Judy,

Thank you for thinking of Nick and his family this year and asking for help for them. We certainly can do something to help this family out.

Many of us don't plan for accidents in our lives. We always think 'what if' and let it go. We don't actually make plans so we are covered in the event of an accident. Nick is no different from the rest of us. He wound up in a car accident that wasn't planned and has had to go through surgeries, recovery and pain. We are sure that he wouldn't need our help this year had this not happened and we will gladly help him out.

Nick we are going to make sure your family is taken care of with $150 for groceries for a great Christmas dinner. We are going to let Abby pick out some of her favorite toys with a $50 gift card. Nick you need something to help pass the time while your body heals so we're hooking you up with a $100 gift card to pick up something for yourself, maybe some DVDs or video games. And we aren't forgetting your wife. We're giving her a $100 Macy's card to get some nice clothes for herself this year.

Nick, get better soon and remember that you have some great friends that have your back! If you can ever pay it forward, please remember this kindness and help someone else.

Merry Christmas to all!

Opie's Angels