When hard times fall on you, family is always right there to help in any way they can and sometimes, wishes come true.

This holds true for a hard working mother named Lora. Lora's sister, Lisa, nominated her for Opie's Angel Tree and today Lisa's wish for her sister was granted.

This is what Lisa's letter to Opie's Angels said...

"I would like to nominate my sister who is a very hard working mom who is going through a rough time. She is ending a relationship and has two children to provide for, the girls are ages five and six and enjoy crafts.

I help her out as much as I can... all I want is for her and the girls to have a Christmas with a few presents under the tree. I don't believe in hard relationships and it's always the children who suffer from things like that. Not asking for much, just a little help. Thanks for taking the time to read my nomination.


Listen to Lisa's wish for her sister Lora being granted thanks to Opie's Angel Tree.