I love nail polish! It has practically become an accessory with all the fun colors and different designs people put on their finger nails these days.

But I have always had a problem keeping my polish looking nice for more than a couple days unless I get them professionally done. I'm sure it doesn't help that I'm impatient and can't always wait until they are completely dry to continue going about my day. .. but seriously, if you give yourself a manicure it takes at least an hour from start to dry - right? And even then they are probably a little sticky and you need to be extra careful. Then, in 3-4 days they start to chip, which completely defeats the purpose of painting your nails because now they look worse than having nothing on them at all.

Then you go get a professional manicure, at least you know that will last a good week. But, let's be honest here, I can't afford to be getting professional manicures 2-3 times a month. Once and a while they are great, but what do you do the rest of the time? Just leave them bare? That's no fun!

No worries ladies, I have found the answer! Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips.  No joke, one of the greatest inventions of all time! I am on my third pair and I'm totally addicted. I don't know if I will ever use anything else again. You can get them pretty much anywhere, your local drug store or beauty supply store will have them for sure, though the selection may vary.  Here is why they are so amazing:

1. Inexpensive - I have found them a few different places and they run between $8 - $10 per box. Each box contains 16 nail polish stickers in different shapes and sizes to be sure there is a size for you. I know you can buy a bottle of nail polish for less than that, and it will last you more than one time, but these last way longer than any self manicure, they come in really cool designs that you would pay a ton for at a salon, and the best part, there is no waiting for them to dry! Plus they are  less expensive than a salon manicure, and they last even longer than that so it's affordable to keep your nails nice all the time.

2. Easy to use - The directions are very easy to follow. The nail shaped stickers do just that, stick right on your nail. They give you a special file so all you have to do to get the excess off is lightly file around the end of your nail. Then when you are ready to take them off, all it takes is nail polish remover. They are so easy I put them on on the plane to Arizona a few weeks ago.

3. Long lasting - The box says they last up to 10 days. But in my experience they can definitely last longer. I just put on my third pair last night and my first two lasted two weeks before they started to chip.

4. They're so fun - There are 24 different styles to choose from. They have designs like leopard and zebra, there are glitter ones, and even solid colors if you aren't quite ready to have butterflies on your finger nails.

I have never had so many people comment on my nail polish before! Try these out and trust me you will never go back to plain old nail polish again! Like I said before, "you're welcome."