There might be a line between being a good host and guests that are just flat out too demanding, but I find myself now wondering every time we have friends over if I am doing everything in my power to make sure they are being tended to. From drinks to food, entertainment to putting my phone down.

Having a house gives you the opportunity to play host and, hopefully, have a fun night with some friends over. I don't know if I'm over-thinking the host responsibilities when Brittany and I have people over or if I'm a terrible host. Either way, something must be getting done right, probably all the beer in the fridge, people keep coming back over.

Although a new survey came up with 11 things guests find annoying when they visit your home, I don't think I've done any of these, but with all the beer in fridge... who can remember. Check out the top 11 things guests, apparently, hate doing at your house.

1. When the host is TEXTING instead of talking to them. (okay, I've sent a message or two while guests are over)

2. Not enough toilet paper. (not a chance. the cabinet directly in front of the toilet is STOCKED)

3. When the host engages in public displays of affection. (icky)

4. Being left alone for too long. (I don't trust the guests enough to leave them along for too long... just kidding. Kind of)

5. Not being offered a drink. (first thing you get through my door before a "hello" is, "beer fridge is over there")

6. Getting stuck outside in the cold with no one answering the door. (It's a cruel joke, but sometimes I do this on purpose... I'm a good friend)

7. Fighting off pets. (No pets at our house, but I hate being attacked by your dog)

8. Not being introduced to strangers.

9. When it's too hot or too cold.

10. Being told to take off their shoes.

11. Being forced to play a board game. (no way... I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who hates sitting around playing poker too)

What is something that bothers YOU when you are the guest at someone's house?