On Valentine's Day I shared with you the story of my boss forgetting about Valentine's day and getting his wife nothing. You are not going to believe what he did to redeem himself!

So after Chad's wife did these nice, thoughtful things for him, he decided he should try and make it up to her. He went to the store last night and what he wound up buying her SHOULD have sent her into convulsions.

He started out on the right path. He started in the lingerie department looking at some interesting things that she might enjoy and that he might enjoy too. He wound up forgetting her size, so he put that back.

He then wandered over to the purse section and picked a nice one out because she had said she needed one. Again, a great path to go down but it was a dead end for him. He decided he wasn't sure enough of her taste to make that purchase.

Wandering around the store he decided to buy - and did buy - an electric razor! WHAT?! Why this man is still married or still has teeth is beyond me. I swear, if anyone needs the help of the Love Doctor, it's this guy.

What does getting a razor for Valentine's Day say? Honey, I would love you even more if you trimmed up a bit? Honey, you are so hairy I didn't want your arm to cramp up while using your non-electric razor? Honey, you go take care of your hair and we'll get cozy in a bit?

Something tells me Chad's wife is a saint - or should be!