I found an interesting article on "The Huffington Post" called "Lessons For My Daughter And Lessons For Me -- If Only We Would Listen" by Raluca State.

I found it very funny and clever, but since I'm obviously not a mom nor do I have a daughter OR son I wrote some lessons to my younger self to remember next time around.

1.   Don't put your finger on a lit car lighter. (if you're old enough to remember what it is)
2.   Having Motley Crue for role models is probably not a good choice.
3.   Never ever ever will you need to bong a beer in a real life situation.
4.   Math & Science... maybe pay attention in class?
5.   All those student loans you took out?  Yeah, they need to be paid back someday.
6.   Don't put your tongue on the monkey bars at recess... once is bad enough, the   second time is just inexcusable.
7.  Hollywood actors are not very smart and in no way should be used as a resource of useful information.
8.  Burning stuff isn't nearly as cool as it seems... especially your finger on a car lighter.
9.  When your dad get's your butt out of bed on a weekend to work he's actually doing you a favor!
10.  Bully's are a part of life, get used to it and be prepared to stand up for yourself.

If only I had known this information earlier I think thing would have gone a lot smoother, but I guess I wouldn't be the person I am now!