Thursday was Minnesota Wild mascot Nordy's birthday. The team planned a party and flew in other NHL team mascots for the bash -- but it ended with Nordy acting out a beating of Chicago's mascot Tommy Hawk with a baseball bat on the Xcel Energy Center Ice. (???)

Nothing says good, family-oriented fun like a good baseball bat beating. Not to mention beating a mascot named Tommy Hawk from a team called the Blackhawks, with a Native American as the team's logo.

As Nordy beats Tommy Hawk with the bat, the PA announcer at the Xcel Energy Center can bear heard saying, "Keep swinging, keep swinging, keep swinging!" and, "Put your hands together for birthday boy Nordy!"

Many fans were disappointed with the display, and the team heard about it.

The Minnesota Wild issued an apology saying that offending anyone because of the skit was certainly not their intention.

Let's Go Wild!

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