In the fashion industry one minute you're in and the next you're out. As the decades pass certain trends come and go and evolve over time, but there are some trends that should never ever, ever, make a comeback, in my opinion the scrunchie is one of them.

The fabric covered hairbands are a disgrace to society, there is absolutely no possible way to make them look cool. But apparently no one cares what I think because 'Cosmo' magazine is reporting a Victoria's Secret model has been sought out to promote a new line of the hair accessories for 'My Crazy Scrunchie'.

I was nearly devastated when veteran designer Vivienne Westwood featured scrunchies on the runway in her 2013 spring/summer collection. But my faith in the industry was restored when they didn't immediately catch on following the show like some trends do. I figured Vivienne had a minor laps in judgement and everyone was smart enough to ignore it so it would just go away. Apparently that wasn't exactly the case, and I am once again devastated.

Consider this my testament: I will never let one of those fabric covered puffy hair accessories anywhere near my general vicinity. I am boycotting the scrunchie trend and I hope you follow suit so this horrible mistake will pass quickly.