Imagine my dismay when I walked into the bookstore on Sunday morning, headed to the coffee shop and found that they had replaced my favorite comfy corner chair with a regular table. I almost left, but I really wanted a cup of coffee. With hope in my heart, I glanced across the room to the area near the window. Sure enough, they had replaced those comfy chairs too.

I bought my coffee-and a cookie to console myself-and headed for the hard table and chair in my usual corner. I paged through a couple of books, pouted a little because I wasn't as comfortable as I anticipated I would be when I walked through the door. And then I left. It was time to head home for the Vikings game anyway. (I should have stayed at the bookstore)

Maybe that's exactly why they got rid of the comfy chair in the corner. Maybe there were folks who sat in those chairs all day long. Whatever the reason, I now need to find a new bookstore with coffee. Or a coffee shop with comfy chairs. Any suggestions?