I can't say who, because this person will hate me forever...but, a friend of mine recently found out that corn doesn't grow in the ground like a carrot. Let's just call this person Bob for the sake of simplicity.

Let me back up. I was driving with Bob the other day and we were talking about how high the corn stalks have gotten due to the recent rain.

Bob mentioned that they thought it was such a waste of a plant to grow so tall and only produce one corn cob. Puzzled, I looked at Bob and said "what do you mean a corn stalk only grows one cob? They produce many cobs!"

Puzzled, Bob looked at me and said, "there's no way...so, you're telling me when you pull them out of the ground there are multiple corn cobs underground?"

I thought Bob was joking and I said, "do you think corn comes from the ground like carrots?" Of course Bob's response was YES.

So, I calmly while trying not to laugh, explained to Bob how corn worked. I changed Bob's world with this new nugget of information. I'll forever be associated with corn in Bob's mind.

What have you always grown up thinking, only to find out you were totally wrong when you were an adult?!