Greg Bates may not be a name you are familiar with, but you have probably heard his new song Did It For The Girl. Now you can see him in the video.

The 24 year old singer/songwriter/guitarist shows his ability to pen songs, tell a great story and get it all done in under four minutes. In fact, Greg says, "The first day that I figured out that you can tell a story with three chords in three minutes and just impact somebody emotionally, I was hooked. The stories are what really drew me to country music.” Look for Greg's first full album later this year.

In his first video, we see Greg Bates playing his guitar and singing his song while a young lad prepares to take his girl out for the date of their lives. And of course, we've all been there, picking up our date, making sure we are just perfect, shaking off the nerves. Check out Greg's ability to tell a story not only through music, but through the visual medium as well.