The human race is constantly looking for new ways to go faster - or maybe it is just an American thing. Whatever the reason, there's a new plane that could take us across the Atlantic in just one hour.The X-51A WaveRider Hypersonic ScramJet is the brain child of Boeing and Pratt & Whitney, two brilliant companies for air travel. With this new jet, it will travel four times faster than the speed of sound or 4500 miles per hour. Let's put that into perspective. The Concorde is the world's fastest jet and it only goes 1350 miles per hour. We thought the Concorde was fast, this thing will blow your face off traveling that fast and will probably need some type of harness system for the passengers.

The reason for these extreme speeds is the use of a new type of "airbreathing" technology. Typical jets have to carry tons of fuel and oxygen to ignite that fuel to make it burn. This new ScramJet will carry only hydrogen fuel and take the oxygen needed to make it burn from the atmosphere around the craft. I know, I got a little technical for you and I'm sorry about that.

Imagine being able to hop across the pond in an hour, have tea with the Queen Mum and be back in the States in time for dinner. Check out the video of one of the test runs of this plane over the Pacific Ocean. Watch out for the first drop though - whew what a rush that would be!