I can't keep up. Do this, don't do that. It seems that the rules change every few months when it comes to just about anything. I say make your own rules!

Both Doug and I met our significant others online! And if that isn't proof that it works, no matter what the rules, then I'm not sure what is. But apparently, some felt the rules needed to be tweaked, so here we go. They don't look much different than the old rules though.........

1. Play the field. Nothing wrong with that, unless the crops get out of hand. Plus, make sure you're weeding out the bad seeds as you go.

2. Think about your profile carefully. Never use your name or initials. And keep the "about me" section fun! Don't be a Debbie Downer!

3. It's all about the picture! If you upload several pictures of yourself, you'll get more action online! But keep it classy!

4. Beware of red flags. And trust me, they are everywhere. Psychologists at the University of Wisconsin at Madison found that online daters who used fewer first-person pronouns-presumably to avoid spelling out who they really are-were more likely to be lying. Just a little tip for you.

5. Keep your messages brief, but don't be afraid to reach out.

Why did I respond to Jay's profile online all those years ago? It said "I don't need someone to cook and clean. I do my own laundry"  I replied "I like a man who does his own laundry" and he replied "did I mention I iron too?"   He does. And he's good at it. In fact, he ironed the shirt I have on right now!  He's a keeper!