I saw this and I was like 'no way!'

My office is always freezing so I pretty much have my space heater on all the time.  In the summer, I've got the vent right above my head and in the winter there's a draft coming in from the windows and the door.  I know I'm a winter wimp but this is just crazy and on top of that, most my co-workers are the complete opposite of me.

Someone has been noticing my plight though and there's a new app out there that could save the day.  According to the Daily Mail there is a company called Building Robotics and they've created an app called Comfy.  Supposedly it will connect with a building's heating and cooling system at which point workers can vote to warm it up, cool it down or "I'm comfy."

Depending on how the voting turns out, the office will then get about 10 minutes of heat or 10 minutes of air conditioning.  Over time the app learns what satisfies everyone temperature-wise and automatically adjusts.

Love this!  Now if I can just convince everyone that it's really cold in here, we'll be in business!