Ever heard of the term "Be careful what you ask for?"?  The other day on the show I gave some advice and Jim Maurice responded with a sarcastic "OH great, advice from a North Dakotan."My advice was to drink coffee on a hot day because it will actually cool you down (at least that's what my dad used to say).  Apparently he wasn't buying it.  Well, I decided to open up this subject to my Facebook page and as I suspected, I got some very answers.

I literally asked, "What Advice Would You Give As A North Dakotan?", here we go.

Travis Woyen - "Never let a moose get inside the fence of a missile silo." (A moose did, in fact, get inside the chain link fence of a missile silo in northern ND. A shoestring relative of mine had to chase him out, and it was quite a task.)
Travis Woyen:   "Don't chase the neighbor's bull unless you want to fix his fence."
Travis Woyen - "The gravel is faster. There's no cops, so you can speed."

Mike Ray -  "North Dakotans have the biggest freezer in the world in the winter. Just put your food and beverages in the garage."
Mike Ray- "ANY soup will work in a hotdish. And it will taste the same no matter what."
Mike Ray - "Stop signs are optional in the winter. If you don't know why, try stopping once..."

Kevin Phillips: "A man never pee's on an electric fence....more than once."

Tiffaney Schocker "Nah, it'll be fine to drive. Can you still see the white lines on the side of the road? Good! Just make sure to hit pillow drifts at speed and avoid the shiny spots."

Tiffaney Schocker - "If you see a deer in some place like Sears, do NOT try and herd it out the building. Leave it be and call Fish & Game".

Rick Flacksbarth - "Here, hold my beer, I'm going to try something".

Kim Metz - "It's perfectly acceptable to wear shorts in the winter as long as the temperature is above freezing!"

I'm STILL waiting for an explanation on this one.

Renee Goroski Langenwalter - "Lock your car doors unless you actually like zucchini."