I love stories like this. A car crash in Missouri, a girl pinned inside, a mysterious priest who seemingly shows up out of nowhere, and miracles begin to happen.

Katie Lentz was hit head-on by another car Sunday morning; the car she was driving flipped and she was pinned and badly injured. Rescue workers tried for 45 minutes to remove her when she asked if someone would pray for her. A priest stepped up and said a prayer, anointed her with oil and told the rescuers that their equipment would work.

Sure enough, they were able to remove Katie from the car. Here's when it really gets strange.

Rescue crews turned around to thank the priest, and he was nowhere to be found. Keep in mind that the road had been shut down around the accident for 90 minutes prior, so there were no cars parked nearby. And, he does not appear in a single one of the 69 photos taken at the scene.

Some believe he was an angel. And even if this priest does step up to identify himself. He's still an angel. Do you believe?