Everyone is afraid of something, whether it's clowns or snakes or seeing waaaayy too much of your neighbors.  There's a new survey out that reveals the things women fear most.

The Daily Mail conducted this survey and found that women are terrified of things such as going bald, aging, spiders, public speaking and losing family members.  Those are all legitimate fears but I think there are some other things that both males and females should be afraid of.

I've put together my Top 10 List, so here we go:

  • Being buried alive -- I've heard way too many urban legends and this in no way sounds fun.
  • Holding a snake -- A guy at the zoo tried to get me to do this and that ginormous snake looked at me with those beady eyes and in that moment I knew that was NEVER EVER EVER going to happen, like ever.
  • Banning of flip flops -- This just might kill me because I really hate shoes, especially in the summer
  • Falling through the ice -- It's unlikely this will ever happen because I don't go near water in the winter time, in fact I don't go outside if I can avoid it.  Still, given the choice, I think I'd prefer to try to escape a fire.
  • Being thrown in a Mexican jail -- I've only heard stories but this is another one that sounds like it would be a rather unpleasant experience.
  • People finding all those embarrassing photos/videos of me -- I have enough current material for people to make fun of me for, why do we need to dig out the old stuff?
  • Chocolate and Mountain Dew disappearing -- I can't even begin to fathom how crabby I would be.  Oh man, that would be terrible!  I'm freaking out just imagining it.
  • Being forced to watch Miley Cyrus' VMA performance over and over again -- That's a pretty terrible way to torture someone, don't you think?
  • My dog dying -- She's pretty much my bff and she's ridiculously cute!
  • Being trapped on a deserted island with Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber -- This is my worst fear, hands down.  I loved Gilligan's Island and I think it would be great to be stuck on an island for awhile but not with these two.  I might go in search of a man eating shark as opposed to having to listen to them sing.  Now, if it were Chris Young and Eric Church, then I could have some fun!

What's your worst fear?