This past weekend was huge for my sister, Rebecca.  She graduated from high school on Friday night and she participated in the largest youth trapshooting tournament in the world in Alexandria.  The Monticello team did an incredible job and I'm extremely proud of my sister.

I didn't know what to expect when we rolled out at 4:45 a.m. on Sunday but I can tell you that what I saw in Alexandria surprised me.  High school trap shooting teams are becoming more and more popular and approximately 750 students competed at Sunday's shoot.  Keep in mind this tournament started on Friday and ends today.  They're expecting almost 4,000 students to participate, while the league is home to over 6,000 students.

My sister is part of the Monticello team, which started earlier this spring.  It was so popular among the students that she was afraid there would be too many people and she wouldn't be able to do it.  Practices were every Monday evening and I kept hearing about how she was improving and how she was so quick.  I saw that first hand on Sunday.

Pardon the poor quality -- there were so many people there!



My sister scored 77/100 and landed in 8th place among all the females that took part in the tournament. Her team did incredibly well too. Several of her teammates placed in the Top 5 for overall scores. We're talking 99/100 -- amazing! See all results here.

I want to congratulate each of the members of the Monticello Trapshooting Team and their coaches.  They pushed hard to get this sport in Monticello and they represented our town well.  Way to go and I know you'll do it all over again at the tournament in Prior Lake!