Pokemon Go is all the rage right now for millennials that grew up collecting and trading Pokemon cards. I just heard about the new virtual reality app on Thursday from one of our interns who was roaming around aimlessly in the parking lot.

I asked him what he was up to and he told me he was catching Pokemon. Of course this peaked my interest and I had to ask him more. He explained that Pokemon Go is a new virtual reality app that allows you to use your smart phone camera to scan your surroundings and find Pokemon in your real life and catch them. Plus, the app is free!

Ashli Gerdes

He decided to demonstrate the app for me and ended up following the app straight into the wall. It sounded nerdy but I was a Pokemon kid...so I downloaded the app--that was my first mistake. I've been totally addicted to finding and catching Pokemon all weekend.

Ashli Gerdes

My fiance, Dave and I were eating dinner outdoors at Zaffiro's this weekend and kids and young adults were roaming around the parking lot trying to "catch 'em all." Dave and I were laughing about it, but then decided to open the app and try it.

We were instantly hooked. We spent the rest of the weekend running around the park catching Pokemon. That's how my weekend went. I'm 25 years old...and that's how my weekend went. Let me say that one more time...I'M 25 AND THAT'S HOW MY WEEKEND WENT. What has my life become?

I'll just leave you with this;