Every kid has a parent they go to when they want something and there's always one parent that's a little more lenient when it comes to handing out a punishment.  

There's no question about it, my mom was the one I went to when I wanted something.  I almost always got it!  However, when I got in trouble (which NEVER happened -- I mean I never was mouthy or had an attitude and I ALWAYS did what I was told -- riiiight!) she would dish out the tougher punishments.

She used to send me to my room until she figured out I was sleeping, reading a book or listening to music.  That's no punishment, that's a sweet afternoon!  So then she started to make me clean...ugh, yuck!  She knew I really hated cleaning and I even tried to convince her I loved it so she wouldn't give me the satisfaction.  Needless to say, that didn't work.  Oh and if I tried lying to her -- all she had to do was give me "the look." You know the one I'm talking about and then I couldn't get the real story out fast enough.

Growing up, which parent dished out the harsher punishment when you got in trouble?