If you have been married, you already know planning is insane and if you're a MALE, it's probably even harder.

I say it's probably even more insane for guys, because... well, I'm a guy and I thought Brittany and I had a good jump on the planning. I was wrong. While the big things of the wedding come to mind first, like the venue, reception food, drinks, entertainment, dress and tux all pop in your mind first. It's all those darn little things I don't think about that made me realize we're not even close.

Every time we began talking about the planning, my brain takes a hard right turn into fantasy football land. My league is so close with only these last few weeks to play, trying to make a trade with the vultures in the league is near impossible... See trailed off again.

One aspect of the wedding that I have completely over shot was groomsman. Not that fact that I have some groomsman in the wedding, I know who will be standing next me, but my male brain forgot to remind I need to figure out gifts for my buddies.

I've been the best man, groomsman and an usher over the past 10-years in friends' weddings, uncles and cousins and have received gifts for being part of the wedding party. This isn't really a "small part" of the wedding, but it's just something that doesn't pop into my head right away.

Brittany is on top of all the "smaller" detail like what kind of pop or juice... or whatever. I think I'm just the support system at this point now that we have a pretty good handle on the "bigger" details.

I even have some ideas for the fellas in the wedding.

What are some cool gifts you received for being part of a wedding party?