We rely on our dads when we're kids and it turns out not much changes when we get to be adults.

There's a new survey out there that says we rely on our dads to fix things until we're 41.  It's primarily home repair stuff but my dad hooked me up with a pink tool set when I left for college so I'm set there!

Actually, that's not true.  My dad is really smart (and I'm not just saying that.)  He's really good at fixing things -- cars, computers, leaky faucets.  You name it and he can fix it.  In some ways I'm like him because I just play around with things until they work the way I want them to.  He's just really good like that.

Since he's so good at those things I have him look at my car problems before I ever have a mechanic look at it.  Even if he can't fix it, he usually knows what the problem is and sometimes he finds things I that I didn't even know were a problem.  Then comes the lecture...gotta love dads!

What do you still have your dad fix for you?