I am writing this as an open letter and public apology to my coworkers.

I went all winter without getting sick, now, the nicest stretch of weather we've had in months and I get sick. Sorry.

You see, I normally possess a bubbly and bright personality with a quick wit, sharp tongue and wicked sense of humor - until I get sick. When I get sick, I am exhausted, cranky and quiet. My main focus is on finding food and drink, NyQuil and a place to sleep. I do not focus on being kind, helping out or giving 100 percent.

I am also trying very hard to keep my germs to myself. I blow my nose and immediately sanitize my hands. When I use studio equipment, I immediately wipe it down with antibacterial wipes. The worst thing about having a sick coworker is worrying about getting it yourself and I do not want to give this to anyone because it is not fun.

People keep asking me what's wrong because I've been so quiet. It's nothing anybody did, it's just that I'm sick. You'll know when I'm feeling better. Trust me. The loud laugh and gregarious personality will come back. Until then, Radio Barbie is a mouth breathing space cadet that comes with headphones, hand sanitizer and Puffs.